We provide a variety of Security cameras in Dubai to meet your requirements. As the CCTV technology has evolved there are several types of Security Cameras available that provide modern features such as motion detection, night vision, event alerts etc .

Security cameras play a great role in today's security requirement. CCTV cameras act as the successful deterrent to thieves and burglars and provide an extra layer of security.

Our Security Camera range in Dubai is available in full HD IP CCTV and Analogue HD commonly called AHD CCTV Systems. We are able to supply and install most type of CCTV systems and cameras such as Dome, Bullet, Box, Varifocal and Fixed Lens.

Security Camera in Dubai


IP Security Cameras

One of the most advanced types of security cameras available at this time is IP security cameras. These cameras provide True HD image for both recording and streaming purposes.

Recording resolutions can be set from 720P to 1080P with the ability to provide either main or sub-stream. IP or network cameras are easy to integrate with the existing network and available from 1 to 5 megapixels range.

AHD Security Cameras

With the rapid growth in CCTV technology Analogue or Simply AHD CCTV can also produce HD image quality for streaming & recording.

Compare to IP technology AHD cameras can have longer cable run & support up to 300 meters video transmission. Used with video balun transmission distance can even reach further. These Cameras are available in 1 & 2 Mega Pixels.


Dome cameras usually mount on the ceiling and are usually used indoor such as offices. These cameras are available in both IP and AHD system with the option of either fixed or varifocal lens.

Bullet CCTV

Bullet CCTV Cameras are mainly used outdoor. These cameras are weatherproof and designed to be used in rough conditions. We have a complete range of Bullet CCTV Cameras in Dubai.


Box CCTV cameras come with an interchangeable lens usually between 3mm to 50mm. With the facility to adjust the lens, they are typically used for close up scenes such as in supermarkets or banks.

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CCTV Installation Services in Dubai

We provide complete CCTV installation services in Dubai. Our installation services include CCTV system designing as per customers requirement, cable concealing, conduit installation, testing and commissioning of the entire CCTV system.

We have successfully installed CCTV systems for over 400 Clients in past 3 years which includes both IP and Analogue CCTV systems. With our past experience, we are able to install CCTV in any location such as the warehouse, office, factory, schools, and buildings etc.

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